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When you try to describe the mud-slinging earthworks, the word “art form” doesn’t usually come front of mind.
Yet for Monrad Earthworx, sculpting and transforming land is done with precision and refinement, truly like an art form.

House and Site Works

Building a house, farm shed, outhouse or something else? Get the groundwork done right the first time.

Farming and Rural Demolition

Earthworks for your farm might include race repairs or construction, drainage, contouring, building sites, pond construction, or something else.

Retaining Walls and Drilling

From building a sturdy retaining wall to drilling, we have the tools to get the job done.


Monrad Earthworx have worked with councils, engineers, and construction companies to deliver civil earthworks solutions.


Ready to transform your home, farm, or subdivision with expert landscaping? You’ve come to the right place.


Many earthworks projects require extensive cartage. We’ve got you required from cartage of rocks, soil, aggregate, or whatever else is dug up.

Meet Monrad Earthworx

A through in through kiwi family business, Monrad Earthworx have been shaping the landscape of the Hauraki plains for three generations. Now operated by Sam Monrad, the company is moving from strength to strength in the areas of residential earthworks, farming earthworks, retaining walls, civil earthworks, landscaping and cartage.

Monrad Earthworx have a fleet of diggers and trucks, as well as other vehicles at the ready to get your job done right.

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If you are ready to discuss your project, we would love to help.