Hauraki & Waikato Earthworks Services

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House and Site Works

A great house starts with a great foundation.

For three generations, we have been setting the foundation for many homes in and around Ngatea. Whatever your build project is, we’ve got the tools to help.

We pride ourselves on tidy site finishings, meaning when the land is ready to be passed on to your builder it is in tiptop condition.


Farming and Rural Demolition

Make your land the cream of the crop

We’re pretty lucky to be surrounded by acres of farmland in Ngatea. But just as any farm owner knows, great land comes with great responsibility.

Earthworks for your farm might include race repairs or construction, drainage, contouring, building sites, pond construction, or something else.


Retaining Walls and Drilling

Build a strong retaining wall now to avoid future struggles

We have all heard of DIY retaining wall fail stories. Retaining walls are one of those things that should really be left to the experts to avoid any disasters.

For tricky or sloping sites, we have the tools to create rigid retaining walls. Monrad Earthworx have the equipment to drill cables deep into soil for very high soil pressure.



Civil earthworks to make your project a success

Have a big project up your sleeves? Bring us on early in the project for cost-effective earthworks solutions for your civil construction project.

From small to monumental civil projects, our team have experience ensuring projects are a success.



The landscaping artists

You would be forgiven for thinking earthworkers care just about the foundation of a project. Not the case with these earthworkers! We love to see a final result bought to life with expert landscaping.

Our landscapers can transform your home, farm, or subdivision with expert landscaping, the icing on the delicious cake.



We like to move it move it

Many earthworks, commercial, and farming projects require extensive cartage that can’t be achieved from just borrowing your mate’s ute. We have the equipment for cartage of rocks, soil, aggregate or whatever else might come up.

Ready to rock & roll?

Let’s get this thing moving. Contact us to discuss your project.